Facilitated Personal Development Online with Amanda Fleming. 


 Graduate Feedback:

 "What an amazing course you’ve created here. Couldn’t wish for a more supportive, wise and resourced guide. The most significant result from the year has been a shift in my default ‘self-critical setting’. Alongside that is now a gentler voice that reframes whatever I’m beginning to criticise, shame or blame with compassion, kindness and encouragement; it’s making more space for daring and being seen. Heartfelt thanks"

To fulfil your promise your most important work is done on the inside

WARNING: When you engage in this work some things get harder:  

  • Staying in a job, relationship or situation that is not good for you at least 80 percent of the time
  • Being stuck in cycles of 'drama'
  • Avoiding necessary conflict, internally or with others
  • Feeling powerless to influence your own circumstances
  • Staying angry - with yourself and others
  • Living as a prisoner to your past

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If you know you are worth believing in, dive in fully and enjoy the benefits of: 

  • A solid and clear sense of personal purpose, value and meaning in life – come home to yourself 
  • ‘Composting’ your past so it fertilises your future (plus the skills to continue)
  • 'Guilt-free and shame-free living 
  • The courage to authentically communicate – telling your truth 
  • Self belief, respect, worth and authentic (rather than manufactured) confidence 
  • More wisdom, love, peace and joy... (and so much more)

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In joining this non-religious programme of personal discovery it is important you understand you are 100% responsible for yourself and your results. This is a programme of very private, personal education and is not promoted as therapy (although you may find it therapeutic). Before you join, please read the terms of service (specifically Part One) and disclaimer. By joining The ACCELERATOR you are acknowledging you understand and agree. If you have a diagnosed mental health condition it is important you consult with your medical professional before joining this programme so as to support yourself best.


Graduate Feedback: "So much wisdom in this holistic, deep-diving program. Recommended for anyone that is craving to unlock their personal potential." Aenslee Tanner (Graduate)

"This course is a great gift to you . It is a journey of intent....a commitment to who you are and who you might like to become with some rounder softer edges. It is at your own pace and no is soul food. Amanda is an articulate master and wordsmith" (Current Participant)

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