"The ACCELERATOR" - Facilitated Personal Development for Professionals Online with Amanda Fleming

“Know thyself” is a very old encouragement. How well do you know yourself and why you are here? 

I bring 30 years experience as a personal development specialist to The ACCELERATOR. Week by week over a whole year I will guide and support you to consciously evolve (deliberately improve) your life. If you want a better world - learn how you can make your difference.

WARNING: When you engage in this work some things get harder:

  • Staying in a job, relationship or situation that is not good for you at least 80 percent of the time
  • Avoiding necessary conflict, internally or with others
  • Abdicating responsibility for yourself and your choices
  • Egoic power struggles with others
  • Staying depressed
  • Staying angry
  • Living in denial
  • Aimless living
  • Holding on to past hurts
  • Perceiving yourself as powerless, a victim to your life
  • Taking things personally and holding grudges
  • Feeling separate
  • Treating yourself and others badly
  • Ignoring your intuition
  • Dying with regrets...

So if you know you have work to do....

JOIN ME…Dive in fully and these things are on your menu:

  • A solid and clear sense of personal purpose, value and meaning in life – come home to yourself 
  • Enhanced relationships – with yourself, others, and Everything 
  • ‘Composting’ your past so it fertilises your future – and learning the skills to continue 
  • Guilt-free, and shame-free living 
  • Navigating successfully through adversity and life turbulence - Less suffering  
  • The courage to authentically communicate – telling your truth 
  • Activate natural powers to you already have to ‘superpowers’ – part of human maturing 
  • Grow emotional intelligence – a uniquely human challenge 
  • Leadership development and team play 
  • Growing out of addictions 
  • Personal responsibility – creating a life worth living as defined by you 
  • Self belief, respect, worth and authentic (rather than manufactured) confidence 
  • A clear life trajectory 
  • More wisdom, love, peace and joy.

Still have questions? Contact me directly

In joining this non-religious programme of personal discovery it is important you understand you are 100% responsible for yourself and your results. This is a programme of very personal education and is not promoted as therapy (although you may find it therapeutic). Before you join, please read terms of service (specifically Part One) and our disclaimer. By joining The ACCELERATOR you are acknowledging you understand and agree. If you have a diagnosed mental health condition it is important you consult with your medical professional before joining this programme so as to support yourself best.

The very real value of this education at cost of 

$100 an hour for coaching = $5200.00 

To make this work as accessible as possible it is presented in a weekly format for less than $1 a day

If you need more time beyond The ACCELERATOR one year schedule, you will have the choice to resubscribe or purchase it outright at that time. 


You can be underway today. Go at your own pace - you have a whole year to complete the programme and I will be right with you week by week every step of the way. The work is 'the road less travelled'. Click the button to be transferred to the website where you can set up your account and get started - it only takes a tick.